Access control as a component  Of efficient SECURITY

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Efficient access control

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There is ample variation in electronic access control systems. From a simple ‘digital key’ to replace the classic key, to advanced systems you may use to determine who gains entrance to a specific room at a specific time. As an integrated component of security, access control provides a very efficient manner of continuous security.  

 For your business, office or home. 

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Access control is custom work

No two buildings are identical and no two organisations are the same. Let alone that they would incidentally have the same needs in the area of access control. This is why we start from scratch on every project. Is temporary, autonomous door control sufficient for your site? Fine. Do you have hundreds of employees working in multiple, regularly changing locations? Also fine. Working with you, we can define an electronic access control system that seamlessly meets your specific wishes and needs.

We offer three types of access control: 

  • basic: who may enter what room, at what time, with registration of user
  • medium: basic + time schedule and vacation calender
  • high: medium + coupling with time registration, nurse calling systems, fire detection, etc.

Key management will become child’s play 

Electronic access control consists in many forms. From a simple keyboard to the most advanced iris scanner, with badges, tokens, magnetic cards, cameras and fingerprint sensors in between. But because you are at the controls, not everyone with ‘a key’ can just walk in. Or forever. Thanks to the user-friendly software of our access control systems. 

An overview of the benefits: 

  • thanks to the user-friendly software, you effortlessly manage all entrances, exits and internal doors in your buildings, even if they are spread out over multiple locations 
  • granting or denying access happens immediately, without the need to call the involved person to you 
  • access is determined individually and can be linked to certain criteria, such as ‘only during the day’ or ‘not during vacation periods' 
  • through your access control management you can also engage barriers, gates, elevators and the like, because the system registers and stores every activity. That way, you always have a full history available of anyone requesting or gaining access, as well as the time it happened
  • thanks to our cloud-based solutions, you can manage your access control through your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world
  • the access control can be linked to the camera system, so that anyone using their badge is visually registered, making fraud even harder

Service and maintenance

Professional service and preventive maintenance of your security installations guarantees optimal functioning and increases their life span. Ask us about our transparent maintenance contracts. 

Jansen Security Solutions has ample experience with access control

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  • school 
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