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Efficient fire detection

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Nothing is as destructive as fire. The more efficient your fire detection system, the better you can protect yourself from the destructive consequences of a house or office fire. This is why Maris offers conventional and analogue fire detection installations with a wide range of detectors, sirens, push buttons, ... .  They adhere to the strictest standards and regulations in the field of fire protection, and are always installed in accordance with standard NBN S21-100. 

Fire protection systems

After a site visit and thorough study of your building plan and fire department report, a tailor-made proposal will be drafted, covering the following subjects: 


  • cabling plan with indication of cable type 
  • number and type of detectors depending on the building construction and business activity 
  • number of manually operated alarms and sirens in accordance with the prescribed standards 
  • place and type of the installation and repeater panels 
  • control of smoke vents, HVAC, fire doors, lifts, ...    
  • fire scenario 
  • throughput of alarm to specific services 
  • connection with burglary detection and camera systems 

Depending on needs and business size, Maris will make a choice between two fire detection systems.

Conventional or addressable fire detection system

Conventional fire detection 

With a conventional fire alarm system, an alarm is recognised from a group of connected smoke detectors. Further investigation into the location of the alarm is necessary. You may use a conventional fire detection system in a situation where complicated controls are unnecessary. For example, in small schools and smaller office buildings where only non-automatic security is required.


Addressable fire detection 

With an addressable installation, each smoke detector has its own unique address and sends its status to the installation. The advantage of this is that the exact location of the detector is known. Addressable fire detection systems, also known as analogue systems, are intelligent systems that offer optimal adjustment to the operating conditions and wishes of you as the user when it comes to controllability and information provision. An intelligent fire alarm installation works with software for an extremely flexible and stable communication between the fire alarm installation and the connected components. An analogue-addressable installation can comprise a wide range of smoke detectors, signalling devices and control units. 

Additional security  

A fire alarm installation, both conventional or addressable, can be used for controlling several additional security installations. You can think of magnetic releases, fire fighting installations or smoke ventilating systems. By default, all fire doors in all buildings must be closed. This prevents smoke from spreading through the entire building and/or that any draft would stoke the fire any further. However, this kind of closed-by-default door is not always practical. In that case, you can equip the doors with magnetic releases that keep the door open by default. In case of a fire alarm, the magnets will release allowing the mechanical door closer to push the door closed. 

Fire detection

In case of smoke development or fire, an alarm needs to be sounded as soon as possible to limit any damage. The choice of detector, as well as the application of a specific system, play a crucial role. Depending on the business activity and building construction, the safety adviser will choose between:


  • optical fire detector 
  • thermal fire detector
  • multi-criteria fire detector
  • ionic smoke detectors
  • more specific systems, such as flame detectors, beams or a smoke aspiration system

Would you like to have a fire detection system installed?

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Passive fire fighting

Every minute counts when a fire breaks out Maris offers several high-quality solutions to immediately fight the fire as well as to clearly guide people to a safe location.


Fire extinguishers

The extinguishers form an important link in your fire safety. The majority of fires can be extinguished in their initial stages using a portable fire extinguisher. They are easy to use and allow for high mobility while fighting the fire. Maris offers an extensive range of fire extinguishers with powder, foam or CO2.


Fire blanket

A fire blanket is a fire-fighting tool to extinguish small fires. The blanket extinguishes the fire by cutting off oxygen supply to the fire.


Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is essential lighting for buildings where people gather. In case the power goes out and people find themselves in the dark, emergency lighting is required so they can safely exit the building and any emergency services can properly orient themselves.



Safety signs are used to indicate dangerous situations or places. They increase safety for individuals and drastically decrease the risk of accidents.


Signalling a fire is extremely important for the timely and safe evacuation of all those present. Maris offers a professional system that interrupts music and broadcasts a clearly spoken message. Our safety advisers would be happy to give you a demonstration so you can discover the different possibilities.


In order to find out the best price/safety ratio for your specific case, our specialists would be happy to come and visit. Contact them at 011 43 22 40 for an appointment. Feel free to ask them for advice, they are happy to share their knowledge free of obligation.

Our experience with fire detection is good for your fire safety  

Our experienced safety specialists are at your service for advice, service and online/offline technical support in the fire protection of your:

  • home 
  • apartment building 
  • care centre 
  • stores 
  • office building 
  • business property 
  • shopping centre 
  • school 
  • bank 
  • ... 

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Service and maintenance

Professional service and preventive maintenance of your security installations guarantees optimal functioning and increases their life span. Ask us about our transparent maintenance contracts.