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Automating access

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Maris is a recognised installer of high-quality automatic barriers, gate openers, gates, garage doors and turnstile gates, manufactured by FAAC and other specialised manufacturers. They can be used to efficiently close off your sites, business park or buildings while allowing quick access for authorised visitors. 

Secure your site or building with an automatic
barrier or gate 

Contact us at 011 43 22 40, or send an e-mail to

Our specialists would be happy to assist you with a tailor-made quotation. 

Product range automation

Maris offers an extensive range of: 

  • automatic gate openers 
  • automatic barriers 
  • automatic garage doors 
  • automatic gates 

Contact us for a complete overview and a tailor-made quotation for your specific needs. 

faac automatisatie slagbomen

Maris has ample experience with automatic access systems  

Our specialists would be happy to provide you with information about the possibilities of automatic barriers, gate openers, gates, garage doors and turnstile doors for: 

  • residences 
  • apartment buildings 
  • parking garages 
  • parking lots 
  • care centres 
  • stores 
  • office buildings 
  • business sites and properties 
  • shopping centres 
  • schools 
  • banks 

Contact them at 011 43 22 40, or via e-mail to They will be happy to come have a look at your specific situation and discuss it. 

Service and maintenance

Professional service and preventive maintenance of your security installations guarantees optimal functioning and increases their life span. Ask us about our transparent maintenance contracts.