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camera surveillance for demanding security applications

Professional camera surveillance

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Maris installs professional camera surveillance (or CCTV, in professional jargon) for the most diverse and demanding security applications. Our security specialists consult and analyse the risks for which you wish to deploy camera surveillance, the types of cameras you will need, where those cameras should be installed, etc. They also take an inventory of surrounding factors so they can sketch a clear image of what you may expect.

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A tailor-made CCTV configuration

Based on our analysis, you will receive a complete and clear overview of the most suitable solution for your specific security demand through camera surveillance:

  • one or multiple cameras
  • camera type: bullet, dome, fisheye, LPR, thermal, etc. 
  • number of megapixels 
  • digital video storage 
  • a control system 
  • video management system with video analysis 
  • ... 


Smart cameras recognise individuals 

Nowadays, there are several options for applications to increase both the efficiency of your camera system and the return on your investment. Connecting smart cameras to your alarm system is one of those options. It will allow you (or your control room) to be notified automatically when a person enters a defined area. Because intervention can happen more quickly, theft is easier to prevent this way. 

Searching for stolen items

If you discover that goods were stolen, you can clearly indicate it on the recorded images. Subsequently, an analysis will be carried out and you will be shown images of the suspect. 


Our security specialists would be happy to give you a demonstration of the many possibilities of smart cameras. Ask us about it. 

View the camera surveillance images on your laptop, smartphone or tablet 

Do you prefer to keep an eye on things when you are away? Then view the camera surveillance images on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. That way, you are always sure that no-one is in your home, office or business that should not be there.

Video verification 

Cameras are also often installed for video verification. That is to say, when an alarm is generated by for example, a door contact or motion detector, you can use the camera to verify if you are dealing with a real alarm situation. Or perhaps an employee who forgot to turn off the alarm at the office?  


This prevents needles interventions by security services or the police. You can perform video verification yourself or leave it in the hands of a professional control room. 

Service and maintenance

Professional service and preventive maintenance of your security installations guarantees optimal functioning and increases their life span. Ask us about our transparent maintenance contracts. 

Maris has ample experience with camera surveillance 

Our experienced security specialists are at your service for advice, service and online/offline technical support in the camera surveillance of your:

  • home 
  • apartment building 
  • care centre 
  • stores 
  • office building 
  • business property 
  • shopping centre 
  • school 
  • bank 
  • ...


Contact them at +32 11 43 22 40 or send an e-mail to They will be happy to come have a look at your specific situation and discuss it.