Burglary protection - detection

Efficient burglary protection depends on the quality of the detectors 

Taking into account surrounding factors and risk level, the Maris security specialist will select the correct quality detectors for your specific situation. You will have a choice from several different designs.


inbraakbeveiliging PIR bewegingsdectector

Motion detectors

Every space has its own specific characteristics. They all influence the way in which a space is best protected against burglary. This is why Maris places motion detectors tuned to the dimensions of the space, taking into account the position of windows, doors or heating elements. 

Foto-PIR and/or VU Point camera

These advanced detectors are suitable for alarm verification through photos or short video recordings. As soon as an alarm is generated, the motion detector makes a recording and automatically sends it to the control room or your e-mail address or smartphone. Using this recording, an immediate decision can be made about whether intervention is required.  

Inbraakdetectie magneetcontacten

Magnet contacts

Magnet contacts on windows and doors ensure that an attempted burglary is noticed the moment anyone forces any of these entrances open.

In combination with motion detectors, they provide a high grade of certainty regarding the reality of the alarm.

andere detectie - rookmelder

Other forms of detection

Besides burglary detection, other detection applications can be connected to your alarm installation. Think of fire, gas and water detection, as well as personal alarms and a hold-up button. These detectors can be installed with or without wires.

If smoke, heat or a certain explosion and toxicity threshold is exceeded, the installation will generate an alarm and warn you in time. These detectors can mean the difference between life and death.

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Detectors and alarms

  • motion detectors: wired, wireless and immune to pets
  • magnet contacts: wired and wireless
  • gas detection
  • water detection
  • burglary or aggression button
  • glass breakage and vibration detectors
  • smoke and heat detectors